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About ChemServ

Our Building in 1987

715 S.E. 8th Street Old enough to be considered a historic landmark, Chem/Serv remodeled the old industrial oven factory area into offices. The neighborhood will best remember us for the colorful “Blarney Bus” from a local Irish pub parked (with our permission!) in front of… Read More »Our Building in 1987

Our Building in 1973

207 N.E. 6th Street This building was right next to railroad tracks where freight trains hauled heavy industrial boxcars. We could feel every turn of the engines’ wheels as they snaked passed us. In addition to the older brick office building, our warehouse was a… Read More »Our Building in 1973

Our Building in 1952

606 Washington Ave. N. This is where it all started! The M.H. Baker Company changed its name to Chem/Serv, Inc. in this multi-storied building in the now trendy warehouse district of Washington Avenue. Tall and narrow, this building was a harrowing place for a company… Read More »Our Building in 1952