Leading Midwestern Chemical Distributor

Serving the U.S. Midwestern Region Since 1952

We serve both local and international companies by distributing raw chemical materials and food-grade additives across the Midwestern United States. Our business model is dedicated to providing top-quality products and customer service.

We maintain an on-site warehouse for our distribution, which enables us to ship large quantities of material in a timely manner, personally check all shipments, and ensure complete customer satisfaction when it comes to delivering customized orders.

Would You Like To

Work with a distribution company that takes a dedicated personal interest in helping you solve your problems, regardless of whether it means immediate sales for them or not?

Work with a company with objectivity, honesty, competence, and dedication to great work?

Have a company put all of its resources into solving your problem right away, instead of waiting weeks or months for a solution?

Trust that the chemical distributor you choose will recommend the best products for your purposes, even if it utilizes someone else’s product?

Have access to top-notch consultants to solve your problems? 
Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Food Technologists, Coating Specialists, Bacteriologists, Product Food Formulators, and Compounders?

Our Affiliations

Chem/Serv works with a variety of different organizations in order to maintain good relations within the chemical distribution community, keep up-to-date on changes to the business landscape, and make certain that we are 100% compliant with all rules and regulations surrounding our business.

ACD – Alliance for Chemical Distribution
SCC – Society of Cosmetic Chemists
IFT – Institute of Food Technologists
NWSCT – Northwestern Society for Coatings Technology
ACA – American Coatings Association

“I’d definitely put Chem/Serv in the top five of the 116 vendor relationships I have. They’re always very friendly, very professional, and very good at what they do.”

Becky Herbst from Neogen
Lansing, MI

At the Annual National Association of Chemical Distributors Conference, ChemServ C.E.O. Andi Nagle and President Joe Fischman proudly received the 2017 Distributor of the Year. Recipients of this award demonstrate outstanding commitment to the chemical distribution community and work steadfastly on behalf of NACD and the entire industry.

More than fifty years ago, the founders of ChemServ helped to create NACD (National Association of Chemical Distributors). 

Become a ChemServ Client

We maintain an on-site warehouse to guarantee excellent communication between those handling our purchase orders and the workers who ship our products. From your order to shipping, every step of our process is carefully monitored and regulated to ensure your satisfaction with our services. Good business is all about maintaining relationships, and our company holds this concept in the highest regard. We treat our customers as we treat our products, with care and careful attention to detail.